what's the difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette?

Believe it or not – the fragrance is vividly personal!

Do you know the brain parts that control memories, emotions, and scent are all interwoven?

They are intertwined, IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW.

This fact validates that there is unquestionably an uncontrollable link between your most vivid memories and fragrance. So, choosing a perfume isn't only about picking a scent; it's also about deciding how people will remember you.

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Interestingly, perfume is one of the most personal beauty products you can buy, and there's a lot to learn about each bottle and how it interacts with your body chemistry. But there is one thing you can count on: knowing the difference between the two core categories of fragrance - Eau de toilette and Eau de parfum.

So, after much deliberation, you've finally decided on a new fragrance – congratulations!

Possibly, you now have an Eau de perfume (EDP) in one hand and an Eau de toilette (EDT) in the other, and you have no idea which to choose.

That's if you genuinely have one!

EDT and EDP are two different perfumes with very particular meanings — they're not just fancy French jargon! This is why understanding the unique features and differences between these two perfumes will assist you in making a more informed selection.

Are you thinking of how to go about this?

Relax your nerves because, in this article, I will explore the differences between the Eau de parfum and the Eau de toilette.

Are you ready?

Let's discuss!

1. Perfume Oil Concentration

    According to Samantha Taylor of The Powder Room, the main distinction between Eau de toilette and perfume and Eau de toilette is the degree of perfume in each scent. In particular, the concentration of oils in an Eau de parfum is higher than in an Eau de toilette.

    "The amount of 'juice' or perfume concentration blended with alcohol is the only difference between an Eau de parfum and an Eau de toilette," Taylor adds. "There can be a very small change in scent, but that is only due to the amount of 'juice' in the alcohol; the real [smell of the] 'juice' is the same."

    For years, Eau de Toilette has been the most popular fragrance strength. This is because the recipe is frequently lighter - an Eau de Toilette is ideal for daily use. You may be able to enjoy the smell for hours, depending on its quality and structure.

    Alternatively, an Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that is a little stronger, more elegant, and richer than an Eau de Toilette. As a result, you frequently wear an Eau de Parfum throughout the day, evening, and even night!

    For a stronger unisex scent perfect for day and night we recommend Midnight Madness eau de parfum

    Midnight Madness eau de parfum


    According to Bee Shapiro, founder of the NYC-based clean fragrance line, Ellis Brooklyn, an Eau de parfum typically contains 15 to 20 percent perfume oil. In comparison, an Eau de toilette contains 10 percent to 15 percent.

    2.Shelf Life

      "Most fragrances have a shelf life of at least three to five years, depending on the quality of components and where it's stored," says Laura Slatkin, Founder of NEST New York, but it all depends on the architecture of each scent.

      Furthermore, due to the higher proportion of alcohol in the formulation, which functions as a protective preservative, Eau de toilette ages a little slower. Clean and alcohol-free perfumes, on the other hand, will lose their intensity the fastest.

      To extend its shelf life, Slatkin recommends keeping either an Eau de parfum or an Eau de toilette in a cool, dry, and dark environment.

      Excessive light, temperature changes (particularly heat), and oxygen exposure will all speed up the decay of any aroma. It's also time to retire if the perfume's color changes to a darker tint or the scent turns a little sour or musty.

      The sad reality is that, while your perfume bottle looks stylish and inestimable on your sun-drenched vanity, it's probably not the best pick.

      3. Long-lasting effect

      The difference in fragrance "experience" between an Eau de parfum and an Eau de toilette is fascinating.

      According to Mary Wallace, a marketing manager for the French perfumery, Diptyque "As the juice concentration increases, the lasting power of the scent—often changes, and this increase changes how the fragrance develops on the skin throughout the day."

      In other words, an Eau de parfum has a stronger fragrance concentration, resulting in a more intriguing and long-lasting application.

      4. Price

      When comparing price points, it's tempting to dismiss an Eau de toilette as a less expensive and hence less sophisticated product, but the price doesn't tell the whole story.

      Eau de toilette is less expensive since the refined fragrance oil concentration is smaller.

      However, consider an Eau de toilette and an Eau de parfum as two different types of perfumes that you can choose from based on your preferences. It's not an either/or issue, and it's certainly not a reflection of who you are as a person. People aren't going to stare at the bottle while you're out and about, after all.

      Now that you know the unique differences between these two perfumes, I will discuss something vital.

      I'm sure you won't want to miss it!

      How to Choose Between an Eau de Toilette and an Eau de Parfum

      The simplest method to decide between the two is to consider how strong you want your scent to be. The higher concentration of fragrance in an Eau de parfum results in a more long-lasting, aromatic perfume. In contrast, a parfum is more "like a body splash to be applied more liberally."

      You may start with an eau de toilette and work your way up to an Eau de perfume. This rule, however, is not a standard norm to follow.

      Before committing to a specific type, it's also a good idea to use your nose intuition to see what scent and notes you naturally lean-to.

      For instance if you are looking for a floral fragrance a bit sweet but no too much, we recommend Luna eau de parfum with hypnotic notes of deliciously sweet kiwi, seductive jasmine and sensual musk

      Luna eau de parfum floral

      Final Words

      If you didn't already believe it, this should have persuaded you that perfume is high art, not merely an olfactory instinct of "this smells good" and "this doesn't."

      Try both the Eau de parfum and Eau de toilette versions of your next scent before purchasing. Also, consider the time of day, season, and setting in which you'll be wearing the fragrance.

      All Preferred Fragrance perfumes are Eau de parfum. We use essential oils and the best ingredients available to craft our custom fragrances. They are cruelty-free, never animal testing, no animal derived products, Phthalates & Paraben-free, and free of all Proposal 65 banned ingredients.

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      Our perfumes are cruelty-free, never animal testing, no animal derived products, Phthalates & Paraben-free, and free of all Proposal 65 banned ingredients.