How we develop fragrances

Did you know people have been using perfume to fragrance themselves for thousands of years?

Actually we are still using the same terms to discuss everything, from fragrances notes to bottle manufacturing. 

What are the main notes used for perfumes? 

The Fragrance Wheel is a relatively new classification method that is widely used in retail and in the fragrance industry. The method was created in 1983 by Michael Edwards, a consultant in the perfume industry, who designed his own scheme of fragrance classification after being inspired by a fragrance seminar by Firmenich.

The new scheme was created in order to simplify fragrance classification and naming, as well as to show the relationships between each individual classes.

The five main families are: Floral, Amber, Woody, Fougère, and Fresh, with the former four families being more "classic" while the latter consists of newer, bright and clean smelling citrus and oceanic fragrances that have arrived due to improvements in fragrance technology.

With the exception of the Fougère family, each of the families are divided into three sub-groups and arranged around a wheel:

    • a. Floral
    • b. Soft Floral
    • c. Floral Oriental
    2. Amber
      • a. Amber
      • b. Soft Amber
      • c. Woody Amber
      3. Woody
        • a. Woods
        • b. Mossy Woods
        • c. Dry Woods
        4. Fresh
          • a. Fruity/Citrus
          • b. Green
          • c. Water

          The Fragrance Wheel Categories

          What's a floral perfume?

          Floral (Floral + Fresh Notes). Main notes include fresh-cut flowers.

          Soft Floral (Floral Notes). Main notes include aldehydes and powdery notes.

          Floral Amber (Floral + Amber Notes). Main notes include orange blossom and sweet spices.

          For floral amber perfumes we recommend our Day Trip unisex perfume 




          Day trip is a floral fragrance with notes of heliotrope, rose and incense.

          Soft Amber (Oriental + Floral Notes). Main notes include incense and amber.

          Amber (Amber Notes). Main notes include oriental resins such as frankincense, and vanilla.

          What's a warm perfume?

          Woody Amber (Amber + Woody Notes). Main notes include sandalwood and patchouli.

          For Woody oriental we suggest our Tennessee Whiskey cologne


          Tennessee cologne belongs to our Distillery Series cologne for men with warming notes of vanilla, spicy sandalwood and bold, bright citrus flavors  

          Woods Main notes include aromatic woods and vetiver.

          Mossy Woods (Woody + Oriental Notes). Main notes include oakmoss and amber.

          Dry Woods (Woody Notes). Main notes include dry woods and leather.

          What's a fresh perfume?

          Aromatic Fougère (Fresh Notes). Main notes include lavender and aromatic herbs. This universal fragrance family includes elements from different families: the freshness of from the Citrus family, floral notes of lavender, the spicy-sweetness of a Floral Oriental, the ambery depth of an Oriental and the Mossy Woods warmth of sandalwood and oakmoss.

          Citrus (Woody + Fresh Notes). Main notes include bergamot and other citrus oils.

          Water (Fresh + Floral Notes). Main notes include marine and aquatic notes, generally from the chemical calone.

          For an aquatic experience we recommend Out till Dawn from the Nostalgia perfumes collection


          Out till Dawn has fresh notes of sea water, Lavender and Mint.

          Green (Fresh + Floral Notes). Main notes include galbanum and green notes.

          Fruity (Fresh + Floral Notes). Main notes include berries and other non-citrus fruits.

          For fruity perfumes we recommend Horizon eau de parfum from the Wanderer Collection

           Horizon eau de parfum fruity


          Horizon it is a sweet mix of freesia, black sugar and tahitian Vanilla. 

          Source: The perfume Court

          Source: ntsperfume


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