The 10 Best Orange Blossom Perfumes on the Market

Are you looking for your signature scent for this season? If yes, we suggest looking into orange blossom perfumes or cologne. That's why we've compiled a list of the ten best orange blossom perfumes currently on the market.

Orange blossom perfumes range from fresh and vibrant scents to musky and sensual, so there's always something for everyone with this versatile fragrance.

Whether you're looking for your new scent for the season or a gift for a special someone, our top picks will help you choose.

What Are Orange Blossom Perfumes?

Orange blossom perfumes are made from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. Some of the varieties of bitter orange are found throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Spanish people call an area near the Mediterranean Sea the "Costa del Azahar," or "orange blossom coast" because many orange groves grow there.

This tree also has a long history that spread through the Islamic empire. Orange blossoms have a lot of benefits when used aromatherapy, especially to reduce ailments like anxiety, menstrual pain, and insomnia. Orange blossom water has even been used as a folk remedy in France for a long time to help with different medical problems.

These flowers also became popular in the late nineteenth century for brides. For those who couldn’t afford them or get access to them, craftsmen saw a great opportunity and capitalized on the demand by creating wax flowers so that women could achieve the “look” of these beautiful, delicate blossoms.

What Do Orange Blossom Perfumes Smell Like?

Orange blossom perfumes and colognes are complex and versatile scents. They are sweet and citrusy but can also be floral and refreshing. The smell of orange blossom perfumes differs depending on the specific notes. They can be interpreted as heady and floral but can also be described as fresh and clean-smelling.

The scent of orange blossom perfume is rich and floral, similar to that of a fresh flower. It has a honeyed undertone as well.

Orange blossom smells similar to neroli, which is the steam-distilled essential oil of orange blossom flowers. Neroli smells floral and citrusy but is colder and less sweet than orange blossom.

Orange blossom is also an aphrodisiac because it contains indoles. Tryptophan is found in the proteins of indoles. This is the same chemical in your Thanksgiving turkey, which makes you feel satisfied. But in this case, the indoles produce more excitement in a smell than your family dinner. Furthermore, these indoles are not nearly as heightened as jasmine or tuberose because orange blossom contains a more subtle indolic profile.

Overall, orange blossom makes us dream of summer vacation. It reminds us of sitting on a patio by the ocean in the Mediterranean. This smell is extraordinary and worth falling in love with.

Orange blossom scent

Who Can Use Orange Blossom Perfumes?

Anyone who likes the scent of fresh oranges will enjoy orange blossom scents. Because of its fresh scent, it's best used in the Spring and Summer seasons.

For Her

There are various scents that women can enjoy when it comes to perfumes. But orange blossom perfumes provide a unique and refreshing experience for many women.

The sweet and citrusy aroma of orange blossom perfumes reminds us of a sunny day by the beach, where all your cares and worries simply melt away. But it also makes us think of a balmy evening in an orange grove in the Mediterranean, where you take a leisurely stroll with your special someone. These perfumes are perfect for spring and summer but can also be enjoyed all year round.

For Him

It is often said that orange blossom perfumes are best suited for women. However, men also enjoy these fragrances. So, there's no reason they should skip out and miss the stunning scents of orange blossom perfumes.

Some people think that orange blossom perfumes actually smell very manly because of the woody and spicy notes. These perfumes can be very fresh and floral as well. And they can also be sensual and seductive.


As mentioned previously, orange blossom perfumes are not only for women; men can enjoy them, too! Try a few samples until you find the perfect one for you. In the next section, we've highlighted some unisex scents for you.

Our Favorite Orange Blossom Perfumes

If you are looking for recommendations, we've listed 10 of our favorite orange blossom perfumes, from classic colognes to modern Eau de Parfum. It starts from $20, so you don't need to spend a fortune or break the bank for a good orange blossom fragrance.

1. Sunday Afternoon, Nostalgia Perfumery


This fragrance is perfect for those days when you want to smell great but doesn't want to put in a lot of effort. It's a light, refreshing scent with just a hint of orange blossom.

Top notes for this perfume are grapefruit, orange blossom, and cedar. If you're worried about your budget, fear not! It retails for around $20.

2. Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne

With warm undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver, clementine flower sparkles over a heart of orange blossom and water lily in this elegant fragrance from Jo Malone. Plus, it's a perfect choice for special events. The key notes are clementine flower (top note), white lilac (heart note), and orris wood (base note).

3. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Women EDT

This timeless women's perfume from Jean Paul Gaultier is a classic orange blossom scent. It's fresh, feminine, sensual, and has a beautiful floral finish. Orange flower, star anise, rose, mandarin orange, pear, and bergamot are among the top notes. This fragrance will make you feel confident and beautiful. So, whether you're dressing up for a night out or want to feel good about yourself, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique is the perfect scent.

4. O de Grangerie By Lancome Lancome's

O de L'Orangerie is a beautiful homage to orange blossom. This fragrance is perfect for spring. It transports you to walk through a French garden. This feminine perfume has notes of spring flowers, patchouli, and vanilla. If you're looking for a new scent to wear this season, O de L'Orangerie Lancome is worth checking out.

5. Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger

This high-end perfume from Serge Lutens is perfect for anyone who wants to smell fabulous. Neroli, orange blossom, white jasmine, Indian tuberose, white rose, cumin, oak, and musk are among the notes in this fragrance. It has a long-lasting scent, so you won't have to keep reapplying. It's the perfect scent for a summer day or a special event where you want to make a statement.

6. Houbigant Paris Orangers en Fleurs Eau de Parfum

If you're looking for a sophisticated and sensual scent, check out Orangers en Fleurs Eau de Parfum from Houbigant Paris. This smell is ideal for those who enjoy floral scents with a twist. Its charm lies in its warm, floral orange blossom fragrance. The orange blossom note is wrapped in a blend of Turkish rose absolute and Egyptian jasmine absolute, warmed by a feral note. This fragrance does not have an overwhelming smell, so people who don't like strong scents will love it.

7. Ellis Brooklyn Eau de Parfum

This luxurious Eau de Parfum from Ellis Brooklyn smells heavenly. This is perfect for those who want to feel confident and assertive. Its top notes are ambrette (musk mallow), bergamot, and cassis.

8. Czech & Speake Neroli Czech and Speake

Neroli Cologne has a refreshing, long-lasting fragrance perfect for summer. It is blended with the zest of the fruit, orange flowers, and ylang-ylang. This one-of-a-kind perfume is ideal for fans of neroli's floral scent. Inspired by an original 18th-century French formula, it is a must-have for anyone who loves classic fragrances. Try it today and experience something different.

9. L’Artisan Parfumeur Séville à l'Aube

Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour created L'Artisan Parfumeur Séville à l'Aube, a lovely flowery fragrance. Its top notes are aldehydes, lavender, petitgrain, and plant juice. Customers love this perfume for its relaxing and elegant scent.

10. Thierry Mugler, Mugler Cologne

If you're looking for an orange blossom cologne that smells like a lovely hotel soap, Thierry Mugler Mugler Cologne is for you. This perfume was released in 2001 by perfumer Alberto Morillas. Neroli, bergamot, and petitgrain are the primary notes of this perfume. It's much more affordable than some designer options out there.

So, whether you're looking for a new signature scent or a gift for someone special, Mugler Cologne is worth a try.

What Orange Blossom Scent Will You Choose?

Orange blossom perfumes have been around for many decades, but recently, their popularity has increased phenomenally. This could be because they smell lovely and can be enjoyed by many people nowadays. Whether you are female or male, young or old, a long-time perfume wearer or new to the fragrance world, there is an orange blossom perfume that suits your needs.

If you haven't tried one yet, you should do so right away. This is your sign to go for it!

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