Wanderer Discovery 4pc Mini Coffret Gift Set

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Ethereal / Luna / Soleil / Horizon

This wonderful little 4-piece Mini Perfume Discovery Set features four mini versions of our best wanderer fragrances. Perfectly-sized so you can try out any of your wanderer favorites on a whim, or even mix and match! And always take the spirit of adventure with you, wherever you go.

  • ETHEREAL – A heavenly scent of delicious fruity florals mixed with notes of succulent citrus fruits, layered with fragrant white flowers and yummy vanilla…leaving you sweet and sultry as caramel. NOTES: Citrus, White Florals, Caramelized Vanilla.
  • LUNA – Celebrate all day and all night with this unique fruity-floral fragrance. Hypnotic notes of deliciously sweet kiwi, seductive jasmine and sensual musk will make heads turn and hearts flutter. NOTES: Kiwi, Jasmine, Musk.
  • SOLEIL – Wrap yourself in an intoxicating, sensual scent that’s unforgettably feminine. The crisp scent of juniper mixed with the freshness of cotton blossom will remind you of the sun’s warm embrace. NOTES: Juniper, Cotton Blossom.
  • HORIZON – A dark, mysterious and edgy fragrance that blends notes of caramelized black sugar, airy freesia and sensual Tahitian vanilla. NOTES: Freesia, Black Sugar, Tahitian Vanilla.