Men’s 4-pc Mini Eau De Parfum Coffret

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Experience the entire unisex Nostalgia Perfumery Collection in this smart 4 piece 15 ML mini perfume set. Select your daily fragrance based on your mood, or layer to create your own signature scent. Conveniently sized 15 ML bottles are perfect for your toiletry bag, carry-on, gym bag, backpack, brief case or messenger bag. All 4 scents are also available as 60 ML Eau de Parfum and 177 ML Body Spray.

WEST COAST – Crisp, cool memories of hiking on a cliff high above a rocky shoreline, with notes of sea salt, heliotrope flowers, and woody aromatic cedarwood wafting up from below. This is a marine/aquatic scent that stands out, yearning to be remembered.

Notes: Sea Salt, Heliotrope Flower, Cedarwood.

OUT TILL DAWN – Create an adventure you’ll never forget with comforting lavender steeped in sea water, dashed with a hint of refreshing mint. This is the perfect fragrance for a memorable voyage through the night.

Notes: Sea water, Lavender, Mint.

COUNTRY CABIN – Imagine relaxing in a solitary log cabin, surrounded by green rolling hills. The smoky scent of oud wood mingles with spicy cinnamon and grassy vetiver to create a warm, comforting scent reminiscent of nostalgic rustic experiences of days gone by.

Notes: Oud, Vetiver, Pink Pepper.

MIDNIGHT MADNESS – Embrace life’s wild moments with uplifting notes of sage intertwined with refreshing citrus to awaken the mind and spirit, served on a solid foundation of intense aromatic sandalwood. Who says good times can’t last forever?

Notes: Citrus, Sage, Sandalwood.

Presented in an elegantly simple gift box. Beautifully tinted 15 ML bottles with textured paper labels.