10 Best Vanilla Perfumes

They say perfection is hard to find. But for us, vanilla perfumes come very close to flawlessness. Isn’t there something adorably sweet and irresistible about vanilla perfumes? For some of us, it can be quite hard to refrain from hugging a person wearing a classy vanilla-scented perfume.

Whether in food or fragrance, it laces the product with endless appeal, sweetness, and heady sensations. Perhaps we have our receptors to thank for the slightest scent of vanilla making our senses swoon.

If you too love vanilla perfumes, then welcome to the club! We have the ten best vanilla perfumes to suggest that will make it hard for people to resist you when you’re wearing them.

Vanilla- Different Types and the Incorporation in Perfumes

People discovered vanilla approximately five centuries ago, and since then, it has continued to seduce our noses and our taste buds. Even today, it’s hard not to get excited when one comes upon a perfume bottle that carries the perfect sweet scent.

Vanilla for perfumery originated in Mexico, where melipona, a small bee, forages on flowers to produce the pod. It does so by bringing the female and male organs of the flower together. Today, a single worker can fertilize up to 1500 flowers daily using a bamboo tip.

Experts use a volatile extract, which dissolves the beans in a solvent. After allowing them sufficient time to evaporate, the beans are then immersed in an extractor, a vat. Workers further wash the solvent with ethanol before bringing it to a boil.

The evaporation process results in resinoid: a fragrant paste. Through further ethanol washing and glazing, the workers achieve what perfumers clamor for, vanilla absolute. This is what adds the magical scent that we all love!

Different Types

Vanilla exists in three main types that we achieve through commercial production. These include:
  • Vanilla pompon
  • Vanilla tahitiensis
  • Vanilla planifolia

For Her, Him, and Unisex

Modern perfumery has come a long way, meaning you can find vanilla as feminine and masculine fragrance. Moreover, it is also a common scent in unisex perfumes. Vanilla perfumers currently rank among the most popular fragrances in the industry.

Some high-profile perfume houses, such as Tom Ford, Annik Goutal, Serg Luterns, and more, offer quite a line-up for this scent.

How it smells in Perfumes

Back in the day, you probably would have found vanilla perfumes smelling quite sweet.

Today, perfumery advancements have resulted in various notes with vanilla scents. This is why varieties, such as vanilla with coriander notes, vanilla with tobacco for smoky scents, and others, exist.

There is something in vanilla to please everyone these days. You can also come across perfume varieties that feature vanilla in starring and supporting roles.
Now that we have established just what fine fragrance vanilla is in perfumery, let’s look at the ten best vanilla perfumes you can add to your collection.

1.Lazy summer

If you’re ready to experience some sweet nostalgia, we recommend the Lazy Summer perfume. This product carries notes of sweet vanilla and scents of creamy caramel and fruity mandarin.

Most of us have fond summer memories of refreshing fruity and sweet notes in the air, and this perfume captures all of those delightfully in a bottle. However, a simple fragrance, the blend of fragrances in this one product, is genius!

Lazy summer vanilla perfume

2. Nest Madagascar Vanilla Perfume

    When we mention Madagascar, what instantly comes to mind? Surely it is the intoxicating allure of the Madagascar landscape and a memory of the most seductive vanilla fragrance in the world. What could be better than having that luxurious fragrance in a bottle?

    Nest Madagascar Vanilla Perfume carries an intoxicating blend of vanilla orchid and vanilla bean, with a hint of coconut lacing the floral tones. The artful blend promises a heady experience for the wearer, while the baobab oil formula promises a luxuriously silk feel for the skin.

    3.Kayali Vanilla 28 Perfume

      Give your senses a treat with the sweet Brazilian Tonka softness and beautifully rounded oriental notes. Kayali Vanilla 28 perfume is a union of the luxurious Madagascan vanilla and jasmine. An utterly captivating scent, Kayali Vanilla leaves your skin with heady notes of brown sugar, patchouli, amber, musk, and vanilla.

      4. Tennessee Whisky Cologne

        Do warm notes entice you? Then the Tennessee Whisky cologne is sure to please you. It boasts spicy and bold sandalwood notes coupled with warm and rich vanilla notes. The product rounds off with subtle citrusy scents that leave your skin smelling fresh, sweet, and seductive.

        Tennessee vanilla cologne

        5. Vanilla Bourbon eau de Parfum

          Vanilla bourbon eau de Parfum is a spicy yet warm fragrance. It envelops the wearer in a cloud of rich Madagascan vanilla blends, carrying hints of oak-infused mellow bourbon.

          The fragrance carries layers of seductive notes of golden amber, jasmine, apple blossom, and a touch of black pepper. Sensual and dark, this perfume is going to make it hard for your admirers to resist you!

          6. Vanilla Sky Eau de Parfum

            Do you love gourmand fragrances that are sensual yet comforting? Well, then, the Vanilla Sky Eau de Parfum is your perfect match. This perfume carries a blend of warm vanilla notes and traces of cappuccino.

            Adding to the overall seductive appeal is the hint of caramelized cedarwood at the base of this perfume.

            7. Horizon EDP

              Do sensual dark notes entice you? Then your senses are in for a treat.

              Horizon EDP emanates mysterious laced dark notes, resulting in an edgy fragrance that will tantalize and tease your senses all day. The fragrance carries a blend of airy freesia, black caramelized sugar, and Tahitian vanilla that smells seductive. This perfume is perfect on its own or you may even layer it with your favorite wanderer mists.

              8. Ethereal EDP

                Green fragrances are the next best thing to happen to us. Women can now indulge their senses with an utterly captivating and intoxicating green perfume coupled with rich vanilla notes, Ethereal EDP!

                The blend is floral, musky, violet, powdery, and oh-so feminine. It smells sweet, fresh, and utterly charming, with peach, vanilla, and wisteria as the top notes and jasmine, mimosa, and violet as the middle notes.

                9.Vanilla and Anise Cologne – Joe Malone

                  Want to live a fairytale in the world of vanilla perfumes? Then the Vanilla and Anise Cologne by Joe Malone is just what you should be looking for. This particular perfume will not fail to impress anyone with its warm, rich, and spicy blend of star anise and vanilla bourbon!

                  10. Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee

                    Quite traditional, Atelier cologne is the one you’ll want to grab off your vanity each time you’re dressing to impress. The fragrance is a marriage of vanilla and jasmine with fresh lime, adding a perfect refreshing touch.

                    The scent also carries middle notes of oak, spicy coriander, wood, and moss that make it easy for anyone to recognize you!

                    Final Thoughts

                    Vanilla is not only a luxurious flavor but also a luxurious fragrance. This magical ingredient adds layers of seductive and irresistible charm, sweetness, and spiciness to the wearer.

                    People also believe that vanilla aroma has a powerful impact on one’s mood and puts the wearer in a good disposition.

                    With so many attributes, there’s no reason why your vanity should be missing a range of vanilla perfumes. With our list, you are sure to find the perfect vanilla perfume!

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